Women Can Save The Human Race!

Lately I have been watching TED.com and I have been drawn almost magically to videos about women and the suffering that is still happening on the planet. I was sort of of the mind set that since we have done a great deal here in the states (though it isn’t nearly enough yet) that we were well on the way to equal rights… I sometimes forget there are other countries much harsher countries out there.

However, I must add that these are videos that offer hope and inspiration. It helps to know that one person can make a difference. These are stories of just such impacts.

Caution, these are graphic in their theme and can be emotional, but I assure you they all end with the voice and on a note of hope. My advice to you is, get a cup of tea, quiet the room, grab a box of tissues – yes you will cry but they will be tears of joy and only watch one of these per week:

Now wait a few days at least and then watch this one:

Then after a while longer, watch this one: