I Give My Love For You

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I Give My Love For You

Every time history repeats itself… the price goes up…
Things got real expensive for me tonight…. how expensive can this get?

Really? How much does one have to pay? To be a member of a tribe?

In order for man to be greater than god,
There would have to be god in the first place,
if there is a god, I am sure as I am
there is no way we can interfere

The things that we do are things that we are
and all that we are is a progressive
a progressive inclination an entire species-if-ication
That came here to make our own way

Well beyond your means is the way that it seems
and the way that it just might become
So before you strike out and raise up your shout
You might figure out your just cum

Cum from your father an egg from you mother
and now you are so full of you
you think that you know and all that you crow
is much much more than what you call true

So I call you all out, I scream and I shout
I tell you to stop all the hatred
But before you might stop perhaps I must crop
Myself from this hateful equation

So, if I were gone, after all that you’ve done
Would you stop and please look around you?
Would you welcome the fold that stands in the cold
And admit what you’ve done has out grown you?

Please say you will, cause my life has grown still
and this is my only possession
But I’ll give it up if you’ll just grow up
and admit that you’ve wronged what you’ve loved
For I love you all with my back to the wall
now I give my love for you
now I give my love for you!!!!