Right to Heal

Right to Heal

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Right to Heal
For a very dear friend of mine! What a beautiful mess you are.

We all have a right to heal. We can heal. We will heal if we allow ourselves.

There are too many professionals that tell us we won’t heal. Or that our wounds will take years to heal.

It may take you decades or a lifetime to let go and allow the healing to begin. But we all have the right to heal.

Valid healing begins with the belief that we can heal. Not permission from a professional or a group to heal.

Healing is your right. Do whatever you need, but heal.

Right to Heal

Right to Heal

Right to Heal

Defending your right to be wounded
A fortress erected in pain
Has captured your past in a dungeon
Where torture’s still done in your name

Who has erected this castle,
The towers the dungeon and gate?
It was she who authored your story
That controls the draw bridge of fate.

So why is our life such a riddle?
Why does it take us so long
It’s the only journey worth taking
So how could our life turn out wrong?

How do you dismantle a castle
That harbors both hero and foe
It’s the holy grail of your journey
And only a wizard would know

That the mortar and brick are prison
That keeps out the love that is real
But the flag flying over your castle
Must be lowered before you can heal