A Little Drop of Water – Does Matter

A drop of water was born. It was told that its destiny was to form a mighty obelisk. Of course being a newborn droplet of water, it had no idea what a mighty obelisk was, but it was excited to know it had a destiny.

The drop of water mixed with other waters. Together they tumbled over rocks and frolicked gently through a mountain meadow. They merged with other waters stormed down a canyon and over a large cliff where they fell and fell and fell.

The drop of water was separated from his friends for a few moments. The separation was exhilarating and frightening at the same time. Then in a rush, it landed in a pool where all the drops of water were giggling and splashing in a bouncing wave of exhaustion.

There they sat seeping into the cracks in the stones around the bottom of the pool. One by one they disappeared into the dark slender cracks between the stones. Rumors came and went about what happened to the drops of water after they slipped into the dark unknown. Some thought they went to a nirvana of sorts, others said it was a place of punishment for all the turbulence they caused coming down the canyon.

One even said that nothing happened really except an extension of the journey they were already on. Still no one knew for sure since once a drop slid into the crack, they were never seen or heard from again. Well mostly no one knew, there was a drop that hung around the vortices near the cracks that said he could speak to the drops on the other side, and since no one else seemed to be able to do this no one paid him much mind.

The day came when our little droplet’s time was up and he could no longer resisted the tug and pull from the crack and away it went into the dark smooth stone. Pinched and squeezed and sucked and pulled deep into the stone went our little drop of water.

It was dark in the stone. It was quiet in the stone and it was lonely in the stone. Though there was a certainty of the presence of other waters, there was no way to know for sure since the space was too tiny to allow anything but one droplet of water at a time.

Our little droplet had the feeling of being very flat and very wide and very long and very narrow at the same time. A very many sensations went on and on and came and went for what seemed an eternity… until…

The droplet squeezed forth into a deep dark void where it was dangling from a vast stony point suspended from a cavernous ceiling. It hung there gathering all of its self and its strength together. Then it remembered in that instant that it was destined to form a mighty obelisk, and it wondered, “Is this my time to shine? Is this when I get to transform into a mighty obelisk?”.

The drop hung suspended far above everything. It hung in space over a space that was vast and echoed plop, plop, plop every few minutes or so. Then after hanging for what seemed like a very long time, the drop felt the pull and tug from below get stronger and it broke free from the grip of the pointed stone.

It fell and fell and fell.

As it fell through the void it began to realize it was vaporizing and loosing some of itself. As it surrendered to the air small particles of itself it began to notice that it wasn’t just a drop of water. Within it were small remnants of its journey down the canyon, through the meadow and around through and into the mountain. Contained within this evaporating droplet of water were tiny fragments of the mountain itself and even small fragments of the stone that held it right up until a moment ago. Then with a jolt and a splat the droplet slammed into a mighty obelisk of a stalagmite. Where the water turned into a vapor of gas, but, leaving behind its true identity, its true destiny: a mighty obelisk!

The water fell and found in its falling that its journey was after all its destiny. When it looked around it could see that, though its place on the stalagmite was minuscule and minute, its affect on the monolith was profoundly significant. As it lie there it joined with other falling droplets joining and changing and becoming one with the obelisk. For centuries it watched as layer upon layer of falling droplets piled one on top of the other and it realized: as insignificant as it might have been without every step in its short journey there would have been no stalagmite and it would have eventually faded into a vaporous gas, but now because of the journey it was a mighty obelisk.

In the end the water mattered and the matter was water. No matter where we go, our journey is what matters most. It is our journey that makes us what we are. Our destination may be so small and insignificant that the remnant of me or you can’t even be found, but with out our journey, the universe would be a radically different place.

We all matter but there are times when our matter may leave us feeling a bit insignificant, when this happens, remember you are now gathering every thing you need to fulfill your destiny, like it or not, you may as well enjoy the journey!

MY journey has now touched yours and even if it is only in an insignificant way, you nor I will ever be the same again. Thanks for sharing my journey!

Love & Light,