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Rusty’s Posted Song List

Sunny Mountain Road

I hope I didn’t wake you

I just had to make this call

It’s been so long since I’ve seen you

It was 19 years last fall

Give my best to your momma

I really hope she’s well

I’m still sorry for the drama

There were times when it was hell

There was so much possibility

On that sunny mountain road

The year I met your momma

Such a long long time ago

I see you there on facebook and my heart fills up with pride

There are times I’ve tried to see you but you’re busy with your life

But something good came from it all

I see it there in you

You sister sends her love from her

Your nieces and nephew

Em D B7 Em
Fall became the winter and my hair has turned to gray
My heart still holds a splinter from those pretty summer days

Elaynia Cline Parker

Songs inspired by or written for my daughter Elaynia Cline Parker. And songs I wrote for my grandchildren.

I am not sure you heard all of these, Lori. I put them in a specific order for you to listen to someday when you are thinking of me.

I love you all very much.

Songs for my father: “Red” Eugene Cline

Yellow Rose for Red

She Plants the little thorny thing
Inside the flower bed
And the thorns will grow a yellow rose
A yellow rose for Red

Her mind looks back and wonders
Through the years and memories
As the sky turns black and thunders
She hums his melody

**The yellow rose of Texas
Still shines for you my love
Though the nights are cold and lonely
It’s you I’m dreaming of

And if you could only hear me, Red
I’d sing this song for you
I’d sing… the yellow rose of Texas
Loves you forever true**

Not long after she met him
He sent a yellow rose
And she knew that if she’d let him
Soon he would propose

So she slipped off to Texas
Her folks she said to see
But just as sure as he’s a Texan
He followed his bride to be

He said you are my yellow rose
The only rose for me
Then he took the lady by the hand
And got down on bended knee

But the thunder crashed and the rain fell
And disturbed her memory
So she walked back in the lonely house
To sing is melody


Well I’m sure glad he chased her
And that they were finally wed
You see, I’m the product of their love
The Cline’s, Melba and Red

She told me once she always knew
He’d be the first to go
So for a little company
She plants a yellow rose

Momma’s Wall

Written for my mother, on the first anniversary of my father’s death.

Written on the 28th anniversary of my father’s death. Amazed as to how I continue to keep him alive in my heart.