CD – Margarita’s Dream


Inspired by living on the border my entire life. Recreating a fictional event that is based on stories I have heard and been told and that were shared with me over the years.

Watching a story about Mary Queen of Scotts, I hear the line: “You can have me anytime you want me and you can take me any way you want to…” next thing I know Jo is watching the movie alone and I am in my studio writing another song… help, I am possessed!

It’s Full Moon time and my writing is becoming prolific again…. it is my rescue from the intensity that come with a full moon for me! “I Miss My Past” a message to a dear loved one of mine.

The Road to Tucson – I swear sometimes I am quite convinced that it isn’t me that writes or picks these songs – this song feels like an early Christmas present to me.

This CD is growing into a story album! Try “Jesus y Guitarra”!

The Reaper… hmmmmmm

Well it turns out Jesse is a bad mo-fo… I did not see this coming…