Yesterday’s Eyes

“Cold Hard Canyon” getting in touch with my inner cowboy. “These Are the Reasons” trying to make peace with my art, my artist and my age as I realize I swapped one form or richness for another. 9-6-2014 “Yesterday’s Eyes” is brand new… as a matter of fact written on my birthday for a dear friend of mine! “Love A Great Point of View” is maybe the final version, I have been working on this song for 5 years… I [we counting Joanne] never get sick of it, that must say something. “Hello in There” was written by John Prine, I love the sentiment of this song. “Taxi” of course is by Harry Chapin… I love this song! The quintessential bitter-sweet love ballad. “Old Broken Bullfighter” Is for a dear friend of mine who is going through a hard time right now. “Carry on With Love” A song handed to me to remind me of how to go forward against those that treat me with hatred. Western Ways was written in Dallas Texas (Grapevine to be precise) in 1989, I have intended to rerecord it for years… I like this version!