With my dear wife Jo!

With my dear wife Jo!

Rusty Cline… That’s me! I wear a number of hats: father, grandfather, brother, son, dancer, webmaster, entrepreneur and of course:Since March 15th of 2014, I am also a husband!

And of course nowadays I am also an artist and musician. I started writing songs when I was a teenager – the same year I became a father – I knew three chords on the guitar when I wrote my first song. The years sped by and I look up to find I have my life written in song; I can’t say that all of the songs are good – there are over 500 in all – but hey, even a blind squirrel finds an acorn every now and then. I have posted some of the songs that mean a lot to me and I have posted some songs that frequently get requested when I play out. 

Tango Instructor:

Nowadays I spend most of my time dancing or teaching Argentine Tango! For more on that go here: www.Learn-To-Tango.com

With the rising popularity of the Internet, came Mp3.com (mp3 is a compressed type of digital musical file format – it streams well). I found Mp3.com shortly after they got popular and uploaded a bunch of my songs there. On Easter of 2000 my song: “The Easter Bunny Don’t Live Here Anymore” got over 30,000 plays and climbed the charts to #1 in its genre – which was pretty cool, sort of like playing a huge concert but not having to be there.

Feeling is what you get for thinking the way you do.
~Marilyn vos Savant~