Bury Your Friends

“Today” dedicated to my dear friend Rosa! This an old standard that John Denver did back in the day. I love the sentiment…. let’s enjoy today… who knows how many tomorrows we get!

“Bury Your Friends” comes from finding out that a friend of mine committed suicide 8 years ago. It was one too many. I am tired of those that check out, I am suffering through a lot of pain to be here 🙂

“Wax Melts in the Sun” is from a conversation with a relative that had an affair that demolished a 20 year relationship… it reminds me of “cast the first stone” any one of us has done something similar and whenever we do there is a karmic debit waiting for us.
I really think it is less about morality than it is about a simple energetic result, what we do will come back some way some how, I steal you from your mate and some one will steal me from you or vice versa and on it goes. I love us all and we are all just confused children children of god!
BTW This is best listened to without distractions with head phones or really loud in the car… seriously, I wrote it with that in mind… try it… you will hear some interesting affects. <3 Who can't believe that "Love is a Great Point of View" I love this song, maybe someday I will approve of the recording/take... this is close.... muuuuuah!!!!!! [playlist ids="2411,2407,2405,2383,2393,2398"] http://youtu.be/qskB9yMVLVk https://youtu.be/xoq6PYMAIxU https://youtu.be/-7bj3cDnls4