Buying Your Own Excuses

I have a friend that is always using the excuse: “I can’t afford that” to ward of sales people. After a number of years I have watched her strive to build her business up and boost her revenue. She sends out newsletter and offers specials and she is a real go getter when it comes to her marketing. But every time we talk about taking a trip or meeting her at a convention or doing something special she says: “Oh, I can’t afford that right now.”

After watching this for a few years I have come to believe that she is buying her own excuses. This got me to noticing my own excuses and suddenly I realized that I, too can sell my self some excuse as I try to ward of the evils and perils of temptation and over indulgences. I caught myself just yesterday saying: “Oh I can’t eat that it makes me feel too sick and bloated.” When what I really meant to say is, “if I eat that I will get fat and my cholesterol will go through the roof” pecan pie never makes me feel sick and bloated! But then I indulged and felt sick and bloated. I truly believe I sold myself a bill of goods as I made up an excuse instead of just being real.

How many of us do that? I am convinced that my friend is making her life more complicated and less abundant by constantly telling everyone else how broke she is – until it actually comes true. Being broke in today’s society is more from a state of mind than from an actual event – though actual events will follow until it is all melded together into a transwarped reality that has concrete proof. You must guard yourself from buying your own excuses.

I once called into work and faked being sick and just mustering up the “sick tone” in my voice actually gave me a headache… I think we are more vulnerable to our own internal voices than some of us allow for – especially when we are selling a bill of goods… careful of what you sell, because soon you will be buying your own excuses.

Thanks for reading…
Love & Light,