Synaptic Relationships – Thinking by Choice

“My thoughts were stitched into the fabric of my emotions
until the synaptic relationship to my feelings had dyed the tapestry
of my life the bright red color of fear.” ~Rusty Cline~

My thoughts are the threads of the tapestry of my life. I manifest my life with my thoughts. Without my thoughts I am a comatose vegetable with no manifest reality. Every thought to which I attach a personal emotion or desire becomes a stitch in my tapestry. I can think fear without being fear, but the moment I attach my personal emotion of fear to a fearful thought, I have invited fear into my life.

One lonely fearful thread in my tapestry may not do any harm but, if I am not careful, very soon the threads of fear work together to make a pattern in my life. Then a scene begins to emerge in my tapestry – a needle point detail that describes my fear – with some focus that entire section becomes a scene of fear; by fear and for fear. No matter how I spin it, no matter how I try to artistically codify those threads, in the end it is a scene manifested by fear.

Synaptic Hug: “An attachment of a personal emotion to a random thought!”

Most thoughts are random coming hither and tither without being summoned. If I attach an emotion to one of these random thoughts – i.e. joy, fear, hate, love or anger – the thought acquires a synaptic relationship to that emotion (a comfort zone, if you will). This emotional investment manifests a fabric of emotion that drapes over this random thought cloaking it with something that belongs to me (kind of like a uniform). Then my emotion is disguised as a thought, and the heretofore random thought is disguised as my own personal emotion. This personal emotional relationship gives my thoughts shape, texture and form in the three-dimensional world where my body resides – which is supposed to be outside of my thinking. Next a three-dimensional presence is manifested in the reality of my life, appearing in the form of people, places and things.

My tapestry is quite like the plumage of a peacock, attracting other peacocks with a reality similar to my own. The problem is I weave the tapestry not because it suits my purpose or desire, but rather because I give way too much importance to some random thought that skittered onto the scene without my conscious invitation. It serves only the purpose of my ego that wants to be so important that every thought is strong and powerful, no matter how random. Unfortunately the purpose of my ego seems to be to live in fear, to doubt everything, not to trust anything or anyone. Living in fear only manifests more fear.

This is not who I chose to be. And thinking is a choice – albeit a hard choice to correct when it has run amok.

I have been watching my thoughts for over 20 years. It was about 1989 that I found a book called: Creative Visualization by a lady named Shakti Gawain. Shakti was the catalyst that started me on a different path; she gave me some creative visualizations that basically gave me a tool to start me looking at my thoughts. She helped me watch them go by instead of following them as they darted down every rabbit hole they could find.

Synaptic Observation: “By observing my thoughts I changed my physical reality!”

By observing my thoughts I came to realize how much power they have over my physical reality. Experiment after experiment; writing lists, focusing on end results, keeping journals and watching the what unfolds as time goes marching (ever so swiftly) by. I found I am the creator of my physical and personal reality. What I am saying here comes from my empirical evidence not pretentious pondering. My thoughts actually manifest my reality.

So… It would seem you don’t have to tell me twice (but you may have to tell me 4000 times). Once I realized this for real and certain, I made some changes. Since I had acquired this skill of observing my thoughts but not having to act on them, or get lost in them, perhaps I could decide to create thoughts that would create a better physical reality – maybe something to enhance my creature comforts and spiritual experiences.

So I began changing my thoughts and observing what came into existence. That was when I realized: I can either relate to my thoughts by attaching a personal emotion to them or just passively observe them as they go by. Once I realized that the thought itself had no power over me – until I gave it my emotion. I decided I would only align myself emotionally with thoughts are synonymous to what I want in my life: peace, love, abundance, happiness and more love.

Well folks, after years of practice and steady results, I am living it every day. I have a life that is a testament and physical proof: everything I am experiencing in this moment was manifested by a thought I chose to own and take responsibility for. Granted the choosing consisted mostly of not aligning myself with the majority of the thoughts that came skipping into my brain.

I was surprised by how many negative sabotaging thoughts I wanted to claim because I could relate to them emotionally. By choosing to emotionally align myself only to thoughts that are parallel with my ultimate desires for my living, I changed my life and everything in it. It took a lot of observation. But it was worth every minute.

Synaptic Freedom: “I am truly free. Kill me tomorrow or let me live another hundred years – I am a happy soul.”

I am no longer a slave to money, work or the status quo. I no longer subscribe to dominion or the illusions of control that so predominately rule those I see on a daily basis. I am truly free. Kill me tomorrow or let me live another hundred years – I am a happy soul.

I am not happy because of the following statements. I am happy because I am living the life I choose and I choose it one thought at a time. I have always been living a life of my own making, before I was making it sub-consciously. Nowadays I have a motto: “If it’s not fun, don’t do it!!!!” and brother/sister, (besides taxes – and I pay someone else to do that) I do not do it if it isn’t fun! Period. Not guilt no worries…

H-m-m I had better get used to saying that: “No worries Mate!”

My life and dance partner, Joanne and I are off to Australia for three months on June 25th, 2009. The trip was paid for by a manifested thought that said: “You can!” Then another manifested thought said: “Why not teach some tango while you are there?” a few emails later and we have created a way to make enough money while we are there to pay for the trip again, so when we get back we will still have the money we had when we left.

Here is my proof Click here for a video: I am off to Australia to teach a workshop about learning Argentine Tango called: “Tango For Life” basically, I am fifty one year old retired bricklayer that decided he liked to dance tango in his mid-life, I aligned my emotions to thoughts of good dancing and added lots of practice… then by being fearless and refusing to attach any of my personal emotions around failure* to my ideas (and believe me I observed a lot of these sneaky little thoughts vying for my emotions), I have manifested an Australian tour teaching tango that will pay our way down under.

If that isn’t proof that thoughts manifest reality what else do you need? A pile of bricks to fall on you?

Remember, I can work that out, you know, after all I am a retired bricklayer.

Watch your thoughts and see if you can find the “Synaptic Relationship” between your thoughts, your emotions attached to them, and your physical reality – believe it or not it is there… and it is as real as a ton of bricks!

Love & Light,
Just remember, let true Love be your guide.
Love of yourself. Love your fellow man.
In fact Love the whole Universe.
For to Love is God’s pure Light.

Failure is just fear disguised as failure ~Rusty~