Relationships… Flies… Bees… Honey… Vinegar

Relationships and how to get what you want from them… it is such an easy thing, why do we struggle?

How do you go about getting the joy you want from the person you are with seems to allude so many but yet our culture and language is rich in cololquialisms and idioms that tell us exactly what we need to do.

How many times have you heard the following:
You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.
Birds of a feather flock together.
A stitch in time saves nine.
What comes around grows around.

There is wisdom beyond words in these sayings. We have all heard them and still they are not headed. I think maybe because people think it has something to do with manipulation or setting the stage to get what you want, but truly it goes so much deeper. It goes to a quantum level where like attracts like, and it works on a psychological level where we attract to ourselves those that reassure our own universal perspective. It even appeals to a spiritual pursuit where we are drawn to those of like faith.

Since this is my life and I have chosen to design it as I see fit, this is what I have done and it works on every level – I could go on and on with examples of how what I am doing rises above the nature of things in general, cuts through red tape, taxes, bureaucracy, anger, hatred and even skepticism. It is faith of the highest order. My faith is that though I may not change or have a huge impact on the world at large, I more than can and do impact and effect my immediate world, I actually create the moods in people around me. I am the creator of my universe.

If you doubt this, walk into a bank and rob it and watch how quickly your circumstances and the moods of all those around you change. Walk up to a person and slap them in the face and watch the mood of everyone within ear shot of their reaction instantly change. These are obvious and powerful proofs of our ability to negatively change our environment. What I have been working with now for twenty years is the ability to change the environment in which I find myself just as monumentally, but in a positive way instead of negatively.

I have walked into a room full of mourners that are grieving the loss of a loved one and created laughter – and in the at laughter, healing and relief. I have been in the center of conflict and raised the consciousness of all present to a level that harmony and peace reign in its stead. I am no one special. If I can do this so can you.

All you need is a reason that will motivate you to give it an honest and heart felt go!

By offering love and light in places where there is anger and dark you will change those that are in your world. You will actually repel those that can’t be or won’t change and you will attract those that can will or are changing into joyful and loving creatures.

I recently watched a young wife get so angry at her husband for not spending enough quality time with her – and she chose to do this during their quality time. Well isn’t it a no brainer for one to say if this is what I get from quality time, I would rather reduce the allotted time for quality and give less quantity? I mean why donate “quality time” for a lecture in why quality time is important; if its so damned important use it for “quality time”.

This young woman’s approach would be quite like a fisherman dropping in his hook, with no bait, just a sign that says: “BITE ME!” Anyone reading this knows that something attractive to a fish – maybe something the fish would want in its mouth 🙂 – would work better than the sign.

All too often when it comes to love we want magic, we want to be loved when we are vinegar as well as when we are honey. We want our loved one to read our mind and just do what we want. And yet you can’t have it both ways, either you tell your lover what you want and let them into your mind and world or you hide out and pray they really can read your mind. Then when they don’t one gets angry and acts that anger out on their lover and this is like fishing with a bite me sign or hoping to catch flies with vinegar: it is not going to happen.

If you want love. Be loving – not sometimes but all you can. If it isn’t returned you will actually repel someone that doesn’t want love. If you want to be touched: touch. If you want quality time make all the time you get with your loved one valuable and fun.

How complex is this really? If you want complexity, you will get it. If you want struggle, just struggle and you will get that, too! Or chose love and watch what happens.

Love & Light,