35 Years On

(The video is age restricted because of the “Eff” word)
Amazing that after 35 years my ex still thinks all her problems are my fault. Wow, that says a lot about her problems. I wonder why I couldn’t see that in 1979 when I met her… hmmm. Now all these years later thanks to her hatred, my son born in 1980 was never allowed to get to know me. He is the one that suffered her ugliness. He still suffers from only knowing about his father through the ugly stories and lies told by my angry ex-wife. He has never asked for any validation or clarification to the stories she tells. Sad really. In my stubborn refusal to ever say anything unkind to him about her, I blew my chances to tell him and show him who I really am. Every time I tried to be with him she made the scene so miserable that there was nothing to do but pull away, or prove her to be the monster to me that she was.

I am not saying I did nothing wrong, I am saying that no matter what I did to try to make our parting amicable, she always turned it into a way. Just like this song says, 35 years later, ALL of her problems are MY fault.

Missing You John Prine

Sept 16, 2021
I hadn’t looked at this song on Youtube in a while and today I say that it has 10,359 views. That is a big deal for me. Woohoo… still… I miss you, John. Thank you for the lovely song.
John Prine died on the night of the 7th of April, 2020, I found out on the morning of 8th and spent the entire day writing and crying. John affected and influenced my writing my all my writing life – since 1975.

I put this playlist together starting with a song I wrote for him the day he died. There are others I wrote for him and some songs where his affect was obvious.

Rusty the Sculptor

I did my first sculpture in 1982. I played with carving and molding concrete. In those days I was limited by the state of the art in those days, not to mention a lack of readily available information.

Nowadays, there is a plethora of information in the internet. I have recently used what I have heard with experiments of my own to develop a mixture that is serving really well to sculpt and carve with. It is hard, long lasting, colorful and the materials are all readily available. If you are interested, contact me.

I love making utilitarian sculptures that function as a usable device and as a work of art. Below is a work in progress that will be a mailbox holder:

My old mailbox holder was a concrete knot that was hit by a car:

This was a gift for a friend titled Earthbound Friendship:

An anniversary gift for friends entitled Heart of Gold:

Concrete Cactus: