Missing You John Prine

Sept 16, 2021
I hadn’t looked at this song on Youtube in a while and today I say that it has 10,359 views. That is a big deal for me. Woohoo… still… I miss you, John. Thank you for the lovely song.
John Prine died on the night of the 7th of April, 2020, I found out on the morning of 8th and spent the entire day writing and crying. John affected and influenced my writing my all my writing life – since 1975.

I put this playlist together starting with a song I wrote for him the day he died. There are others I wrote for him and some songs where his affect was obvious.

Songs for Christopher Jack

Songs written about, to and for my son, Christopher Jack Cline. And songs that I wrote for his mother.

I love you Jack. We are all writing our stories until we close the book.

Ain’t it funny how life changes by the hour?
Ain’t it just like weeds to start with a pretty little flower?
The weeds they were unlucky that day up in Kentucky in Bowling Green cleaning grandma’s grave.

Give Me Truth

I like the lyrics and poetry in this song. But I would, right? I wrote it.

In a world as complex as ours how can one ever land on a rapidly moving square and say, “This is truth?”. Only those that live in a black and white world can do that. You can ask Galileo how that black and white attitude turned out for him. I am an artist… I am just saying. If I can make you think. I have done my job.