Withered Philosophy


Withered Philosophy – Rusty Cline 8-9-2011

It’s a withered philosophy – It’s all to be judged
It scampers like mice in the field – Escaping from love

So sweet in your mouth left to dry – Like sugar in wine
It lingers behind eyes to cry – Like grapes on the vine

I’ll follow you where I would lead – You’ll lead with reins
You’ll cut it if I’ll do the bleeding – You’ll stand in the rain
I’ll follow you where I am leading – I’ll live in your pain
And we’ll go just like a thief in the night – and it cuts like a crime
Just like a crime

Insanity breeds the illusion – that nothing is real
Philosphies come with conclusions – there’s nothing to feel

And if your not your thoughts – then nothing is you
And all that you’ve bought and you’ve sold is now coming true