Tango Atlanta GA

What do we do for and encore?

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A tribute to a five year partnership… thank you Joanne!

This song was written and recorded in one take. There was no script, melody or outline, just me a guitar and a microphone, pure stream of consciousness.

What do we do for and encore? – Rusty Cline 9-17-2011

Its a good day to show you the best and worst that I feel
Cause I’m feeling bad and it’s such a deal…
Its a good day to tell you exactly what I’ve on my mind
Cause I’ve got you on my mind and I’m still on my time
Leaving my heart up there on my sleeve
Just won’t stop the way that it bleeds

They always told me that nothing would do what I do
And a moment is something that I wish I could do
Besides all the laughter what did we gain?
Besides all the bleeding why is there pain

What do we do for an encore when encores are all that we do?
How do we take a bow for all we’ve been through?
Lessoned by hope and learning by time leading my answers one at a time
I’m losing my dreams again here in the night

Tango Atlanta GA

Tango Atlanta GA

Relax and hold on just let it go
These words comfort a place in my soul
Crowded by new beginnings shoved into old endings

What do you do for an encore when encors are all that you do?
Where do you bleed when your heart’s on your sleeve?
Whose got the truth whose got their needs?
And we’ve got nothign but time on our hands
And the time is running away from me here my friend

What do we encore with nothign to do?
Who do we turn to when nothing is turning to you?
Its belief in my heart that tells me I must let it go
Playing again playing playing so slow

Its just another waltz and a waltz is all I can play
And a good waltz ended I danced to it many days
So long farewell to my old best friend
Hello and hope are all that I have in the end

Turning my heart away from my sleeve
I might seem cold but this is the thing that I need
Watching you run through the reasons you are
Letting me know that your gone by the sound of your car
And the whole world is watching thanks to the tricks that you use
I guess times have changed and this is the way breakups do

What do you do for an encore when encores are all that you know how to do
And what do you with your love when you love is now through
Where do you go for an answer to questions you feel
When you know the answer the answer is sit here and heal

Watching beginnings crash to the end
Watching my love roll down the street once again
Who did what and what was that thing that you said
If we’re all running then who is that lying in bed

What do you do for and encore when encores are all that you do
Who do you turn to when questions are what you produce
Where do you put all the love thats not used today
Like minutes on cell phones the love it just goes away

What do we do for and encore…. the whole world is watching!!!