Cover Tunes

Rusty’s Favorite Songs to Sing Written by Others

Sorry Words Written by Bernie Taupin and Music by Elton John:

“Take this longing from my tongue” Leonard Cohen is my favorite lyricist/poet:
For One You Loved – Leonard Cohen

One of the best ballads ever written…
I have attempted to record this at least 50 times over the years, finally I will accept this one.

Everyone else has re-written this classic so I may as well too!
Hallelujah – Music Leonard Cohen – Words, Rusty Cline

This is my version of Chelsea Hotel… I love the line: “that was called love for the worker’s in song, probably still is for those of them left.”
Chelsea Hotel – Leonard Cohen

Chuck Brodsky put more in these words about war than ever any other poet could write – it is my pleasure to sing this great song:
Our Gods – Chuck Brodsky

When I heard the line in this song: “Like the wind hung up on barbed wire” I knew I would have to learn it!
Handsome Molly – Bill Morrisey

Rearranging an old standby for my youngest son that slipped away to Alabama – yes he plays a bit of banjo so it is appropriate…
With a Banjo On His Knee – Steven Foster

Tapestry was Written by Don McLean – A dark but true prediction of what we were doing to the planet 35 years ago – and now it is coming true..
Tapestry – Don McLean