What do you mean? We can teach ourselves?

This is so remarkable I am up 3 hours later still pondering the ramifications of what this video says – it says what I have always known to be true – We are our own teachers. We teach ourselves.

What we learn for ourselves is our much longer than that which is given to us by others. And still everyone learns (as Newton said) “By standing on the shoulders of giants.” We learn from those around us. Not because they are teaching but rather because we are learning.

There is something that every community needs to know in this video…

We have this capacity to teach ourselves in ways we do not use or exploit for ourselves. Instead, this power has been exploited by others – though this is my opinion not what the video says at all.

I am taken aback in that I see how information has always been lorded over us and we have been usurped by those with the secrets.