Prince From Toad

My love has fastened solitude
By locks and cuffs and chains
Narcotic nectar lassitudes
Took leave of all the same
Sensitive to virtue
That heals the freedom rocks
Cornered by the curfew
Which lead me by my cock

Too enlightened for addiction
This slave of nicotine
Unbound by vast affliction
Enflamed like gasoline

This world without won’t tell me
So cold I can’t come in
And yet my heart would tell me
That obsession is my friend

Remorse I have the feeling
A pretty word for regret
Long hours on the ceiling
Hoping we just met

Assigned to mental boulders
That block me from my path
So clumsy when I hold her
In irony I laugh

With hammers, jacks and chisels
I try to clear my road
My sweat turns to a drizzle
As to prince I come from toad

Copyright 6-14-89 Rusty Cline