After 6 Weeks in Australia

Australia is so spectacular and now in Shark Bay, it is also very remote. This beautiful land inhabited by these rugged peoples with such different ways and mannerisms. I am falling in love with the land, the animals and the people of Australia that call themselves Aussies.

I can see the wildness of Australia in their eyes. I can almost touch the vast stretches of empty ocean that have almost kept them isolated from the rest of the western world for so long. I can hear the diverseness of the evolution of this vast continent in their vocabulary and speech.

I am coming to understand Aussies in a way I ever could never have guessed would happen – and that is a good thing because my connection to Joanne and my understanding of her roots is so much clearer now with these up close and personal insights.

I will be eternally grateful that I have been allowed to spend so much time in an intimate setting with her family and their friends. 6 weeks has bee barely enough to allow me to touch the personal lives of the Australian people and see the gifts they have developed and evolved over the past couple of hundred years. It is different in so many ways, and yet I see them as cousins – albeit 100 times removed – we are kin via our European roots and ancestry. It is strange and reassuring all at the same time.

The language differences – which actually are pretty vast at times – smacks of the same subtle differences that intrigued Darwin on the Galapagos islands so many years ago. I wonder if there is a vortex of evolution that moves itself along at a faster pace down her, down under. I am convinced that if we didn’t have air travel, TV, phones and such that the Australian language and culture would be as different from ours – even in such a short time as two centuries – as the kangaroo is from a rabbit. I am soaking and absorbing and writing every chance I get. Trying to allow the growth that this journey keeps offering me.

Oh what a life I have awakened to find myself living. The creation of my dreams, faith and abundance are here and now, and still it slips away as fast as it comes. Such a slippery slope this living in the moment is, for the moments seem to slip away quicker and move on into that somewhere else place with even more speed the more I try to stand in each moment and pull it all in.

Now in two days we go into the bush and outback into the remoteness of this gorgeous country! Alas this journey – that seemed so long when I was planning a three month trip down under – is half over and I am only just now getting my bearings, I could stay the rest of my life and never learn enough about my warm hearted distant cousins that call themselves: Aussies.

Thank you for sharing this journey with me.

Love & Light,