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In an improvised world there are no mistakes!

Improvisation welcomes surprise.

Improvised Butterfly Dance

Love is the Answer

To understand that love is the answer, you simply need to re-phrase the question.

Love is the rhythm

Love is the rhythm
You are the music
Life is the dance.

Coming and Going – Love

Love is the only possession you take with you when you go, and it is the only thing you leave behind!


To reach beyond the boundary and organize another… the worlds greatest sin… or your life’s best friend?

Loving Moments

A moment ago you couldn’t live with out me… now you are walking away.

Community Building

You can build a community
But you cannot own a collective group of independent souls.
Respect that and the community you are building will flourish!

Her Love Gave Me Wings

Her love gave me wings…. so I flew away!

Love & Charity -vs- Inflation

If the squanderous virtue of inflation is consuming your life’s savings,
Hedge your bets by spending your savings on love and charity now.
Because only love and charity secure real capital gains.

Loving You

Loving you is all I ever wanted. Why did it take so long to meet you?

Love and Fear

Being afraid of love scares me.

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