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Addiction… where to draw the line!

We are only as strong as our current addiction!

It’s not the addictions that we beat that define our strengths or mandate our lives.

It’s the addictions that try to beat us that make us strong.

So in the end we are only truly strong if we do not allow ANY addiction to mandate our survival, our habits or our daily routine.


In an improvised world there are no mistakes!

Improvisation welcomes surprise.

Improvised Butterfly Dance

Make a Choice

By not choosing I am choosing to not choose…
So then I choose to sit here still not choosing…
Chosen already!

Simple Enough?

If you can’t state it simply you don’t understand it!


You know you are codependent when your journal is full of other people’s thoughts!

I know nothing

If I knew something I could avoid mistakes…
But I learn from mistakes…

So obviously I know nothing…

If I knew something I wouldn’t have made the mistakes to begin with!


Life Artist

My life is my art
I am a work in progress
My art keeps getting better and better

I work hard…

I work so hard to know what I don’t know!

That will keep me busy for the rest of my life…. (The latter is inspired by Carrie Ann Hasley-Zamora)

Making You Feel Loved

Making you feel loved was easy… for everyone else it was hard work!

Simple Beauty

The simplicity of her beauty lies in the fact that she is just being she and not someone else!

Flawed Perfection

The absolute randomness of seemingly flawed perfection!!! Life just has a way of being beautiful… no matter what!


The less I say the more I hear.
Brevity is the heart of wisdom.

All I Need

I knock – the door opens
I look – there it is
I wander – a path is there
I want – love finds me
I seek – it appears
I know I am not alone!

Love is the Answer

To understand that love is the answer, you simply need to re-phrase the question.

Hope for love in the World

There is still hope for love in the world but we have to point with our hearts first and our fingers second.


Tango will change your world!
My world hasn’t changed because I teach tango,
I teach tango because tango changed my world…
…body, mind and spirit!

Tango Tucson

The Best Change

The best change comes not in a change of scenery, but rather in a change of perspective.

Change your eyes not your location.

Serenity Prayer – Revised

Well I fixed an age old aphorismistic prayer. The Serenity Prayer has a flaw, it should read like this:

God, grant me the wisdom to know what I can change and what I can’t.
The serenity to accept the things I can’t change
And the courage to change the things I can.

Otherwise you are beating your head against the wall trying to accept something you don’t know it you can change or not. Then you are trying to change something you can’t change – mainly because you are very confused.

However…. If you ask for the wisdom to know the difference first, then you can ask for the serenity and then for the courage.

What You Believe

Be careful what you choose believe – your future is being created by your choice!

Life is a Ball of Clay

Life is a ball of clay, we create the shapes we believe in – do you believe in hate and poverty -or- do you believe in love and abundance?

Yes! Life has a powerfully funny way of making the things we believe in come true!

Infinite Power

Fear commandeers your power – push straight into the fear – there inside the fear you will find your infinite power!

Love is the rhythm

Love is the rhythm
You are the music
Life is the dance.


Every rain drop in the flood denies responsibility for the breaking of the dam!

House Break Yourself

Even a cat can learn this one:
Never poop where you eat!


To reach beyond the boundary and organize another… the worlds greatest sin… or your life’s best friend?

A Call To Reason

A call to reason in a time of treason – who is fooling whom when reason takes a back seat to ego?

Anger to Anger

My anger is mine.  Your anger is yours.  
When our anger meets – the wreck of the Hesperus!
Claiming, containing and managing anger is life’s long pursuit.  
This pursuit is detoured when angers collide.


Belief is like a bull whip,
When retracted at just the right moment
It breaks the speed of sound,
And that really smarts.

9 Lives

I have had 9 lives:

  1. Born to fanaticism
  2. Raised with fanaticism
  3. Fighting against fanaticism
  4. Beaten by fanaticism
  5. Running from fanaticism
  6. Converted to fanaticism
  7. Broken by fanaticism
  8. Healed from fanaticism
  9. Recovered from fanaticism

Ain’t it fanatic!

Phony Phony Phony

Phonies call each other phonies
Until the only one left screaming phony
Is the phony.

Is this a phony aphorism or what?

Love & Charity -vs- Inflation

If the squanderous virtue of inflation is consuming your life’s savings,
Hedge your bets by spending your savings on love and charity now.
Because only love and charity secure real capital gains.

Will Any Aphorism Help?

Even a stupid aphorism can bring wisdom
It may be stupid wisdom
But like mama always said: “wisdom is as wisdom does”.

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