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In an improvised world there are no mistakes!

Improvisation welcomes surprise.

Improvised Butterfly Dance

I work hard…

I work so hard to know what I don’t know!

That will keep me busy for the rest of my life…. (The latter is inspired by Carrie Ann Hasley-Zamora)

Love is the Answer

To understand that love is the answer, you simply need to re-phrase the question.


Tango will change your world!
My world hasn’t changed because I teach tango,
I teach tango because tango changed my world…
…body, mind and spirit!

Tango Tucson


Every rain drop in the flood denies responsibility for the breaking of the dam!

House Break Yourself

Even a cat can learn this one:
Never poop where you eat!


To reach beyond the boundary and organize another… the worlds greatest sin… or your life’s best friend?

A Call To Reason

A call to reason in a time of treason – who is fooling whom when reason takes a back seat to ego?

9 Lives

I have had 9 lives:

  1. Born to fanaticism
  2. Raised with fanaticism
  3. Fighting against fanaticism
  4. Beaten by fanaticism
  5. Running from fanaticism
  6. Converted to fanaticism
  7. Broken by fanaticism
  8. Healed from fanaticism
  9. Recovered from fanaticism

Ain’t it fanatic!

Sun Yo Yo Son

The clouds played the sun like a yo yo – it came in and went out again all day long.
Quite the way my son plays me, pulling me in and then throwing me out again.

I wish he would learn some decent yo yo tricks!

Phony Phony Phony

Phonies call each other phonies
Until the only one left screaming phony
Is the phony.

Is this a phony aphorism or what?

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