The Jew

This song made some very interesting changes and evolutions as I wrote it. At first it was a little bitter since I was raised a Christian and then after 5 years of Theocratic Ministry School and becoming and ordained minister, in 1979, I reasoned that we as mortals, shouldn’t be allowed to decide who is right or wrong when it comes to religion. So I revolted and was consequently exiled. Even in exile I still feel that way deep in my being.

In the years since have read everything I could get my hands on to try to get a closer connection to the source of life. Science has enlightened my country bumpkin beginnings, interesting sci-fi stories, and even fascinating religious philosophies. I have since read most of the great philosophers, and after thousands of books and journals; I still don’t know. Yet in that, it is a relief to know that we are all entitled to know what we know and believe what we believe in our own right, way and method. With today’s technology most humans have access to information to fully enlighten their mind, body and soul.

I seek and will seek until I can seek no more, as of now all l I know for sure is, the more I look and scrutinize, the less sure I am and I actually find comfort in knowing I can’t master this life or knowing, if I did I would be done, and I am not ready to be done. And that just might mean we are all right, right in our decisions, our indecisions and right in our search to find what we believe.

Maybe Jesus, Mohammed, Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha), Mahatma Ghandi, Brigham Young, Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King, Jr. or even Nelson Mandela (et al) could have a special connection to God that they need, should or were told to share with us to help us find our spiritual path.

I chose not to decide WHO is or is not the “Christ”, the Lord, a saint or sinner. What I chose to do instead is to reap everything I can from each and every peaceful and enlightened soul’s story. That way maybe my life can be more peaceful. I feel at peace with all that is happening on the planet today because I think bigger souls and more powerful spirits than mine are in action here.

This song, “The Jew” is also a reflection of the peace and enlightenment I get from my Jewish friends that show me that tribe, village, family and tradition are very much needed on our world and our society. As such all traditions and and connections that promote peace and well being should be fostered and respected.

So as the song says in its final line,
“As for me I’m glad I got the chance,
To get to know the Jew.”

That is figurative in my metaphor and it is literally my relationship with my close Jewish friends. As momma used to say… “Thank ya, Jesus!”

Sunny Mountain Road

I hope I didn’t wake you

I just had to make this call

It’s been so long since I’ve seen you

It was 19 years last fall

Give my best to your momma

I really hope she’s well

I’m still sorry for the drama

There were times when it was hell

There was so much possibility

On that sunny mountain road

The year I met your momma

Such a long long time ago

I see you there on facebook and my heart fills up with pride

There are times I’ve tried to see you but you’re busy with your life

But something good came from it all

I see it there in you

You sister sends her love from her

Your nieces and nephew

Em D B7 Em
Fall became the winter and my hair has turned to gray
My heart still holds a splinter from those pretty summer days

Songs for my father: “Red” Eugene Cline

Yellow Rose for Red

She Plants the little thorny thing
Inside the flower bed
And the thorns will grow a yellow rose
A yellow rose for Red

Her mind looks back and wonders
Through the years and memories
As the sky turns black and thunders
She hums his melody

**The yellow rose of Texas
Still shines for you my love
Though the nights are cold and lonely
It’s you I’m dreaming of

And if you could only hear me, Red
I’d sing this song for you
I’d sing… the yellow rose of Texas
Loves you forever true**

Not long after she met him
He sent a yellow rose
And she knew that if she’d let him
Soon he would propose

So she slipped off to Texas
Her folks she said to see
But just as sure as he’s a Texan
He followed his bride to be

He said you are my yellow rose
The only rose for me
Then he took the lady by the hand
And got down on bended knee

But the thunder crashed and the rain fell
And disturbed her memory
So she walked back in the lonely house
To sing is melody


Well I’m sure glad he chased her
And that they were finally wed
You see, I’m the product of their love
The Cline’s, Melba and Red

She told me once she always knew
He’d be the first to go
So for a little company
She plants a yellow rose

Momma’s Wall

Written for my mother, on the first anniversary of my father’s death.

Written on the 28th anniversary of my father’s death. Amazed as to how I continue to keep him alive in my heart.

A Bum?

A Bum

A bum? I guess so,
It’s true I haven’t a dime
My clothes are dusty and dirty
And I’m lousy ‘bout half the time

But I’ve got a reason stranger
And a pretty good one too
Sit down on this bench right here
And I’ll spin a yarn for you

My story begins in Joplin
Back where I was born and raised
The son of a southern preacher
So you can bet that I’d been saved

I worked in a bank as a teller
I was a singer in the baptist choir
Why everyone said that my future
Was all that anyone could desire

Then a show came to our city
It was called the Broadway Pips
It had some almost naked women
That could surely shake their hips

Now the one that fills my story
Was a little blued eyed dream
With a body like Milo de Venus
And a face all peaches and cream

She did a dancing double
With a slick haired guy called Al
And I guess from all that happened
She was more than just his pal

But she said she could learn to love me
If only I had a roll
So blinded by her sly suggestions
I closed my eyes and I stole

I paid a half a million dollars
For just one night of her charms
Then I awoke in a distant city
With nothing but empty arms

Yea she flew the coup with the money
The slick haired guy’d gone, too
The coppers came and got me
And my brief romance was through

Yes I’m an ex convict stranger
That’s why I’m only a bo
I can’t go to work in the city
‘Cause I’m hounded wherever I go

I can’t get a job with a Union
I seems like I’m fresh outta luck
How’s that for a story stranger
And say, could you slip me a buck!